What Is The Best Guinea Pig Diet?

What Is The Best Guinea Pig DietWhat should you feed a guinea pig on? What Is The best guinea pig diet? What are some good alternatives to commercial brand pig food? And, most importantly, what are some “safe” foods to feed your guinea pig as compared to others that may be commercially available? The following advice is for all guinea pig species, Abyssinian guinea pig for instance.

What should you feed your guinea pigs primarily on? What are some good alternatives to commercial brand pellets, fruits, vegetables, and herbs? Aside from water, hay, and pellet pellets, what other sources of nutrition can your guinea pig get? In addition to fresh hay and wood shavings, what other sources of nourishment are readily available?Best Guinea Pig Diet

It’s important to include fresh vegetables (preferably, the leafy kind), fruits (fresh, if possible), and fresh herbs in your guinea pig’s daily diet. There are many different types of grass hay available commercially, and it’s a good idea to supplement this with a small bit of chopped fruit or a small piece of cooked vegetable every day. Pellets are generally acceptable for most pets, although it’s important to ensure that they’re not hypoallergenic. Hay is ideal, but fresh vegetables can provide some needed protein. them the scraps, since some vitamins and minerals lose its potency after being left in the water for a certain length of time.Guinea Pig Diet

If you have enough space and time, there are several methods you can use to supplement your pigs’ diet without needing to make any special changes to their cage or feed bowl. Giving them fresh vegetables once or twice a day is an excellent way to get their nutrient levels up while providing them with a natural source of vitamins A, B, and C. Be sure to wash any vegetables you decide to add to the mix very well. Also, be sure to clean out the feeder frequently, since any uneaten vegetables will Leach nutrients into the water. Hay, pellets, fruit, and vegetables will provide your pig with the vitamins and nutrients they need for proper hair, teeth, and coat health. Just remember to be careful to not over-feed, because even if you don’t think your guinea pig needs any additional vitamins and minerals, you never know when they might suddenly fall sick or become too weak.

If unsure about guinea pig food, ask a vet.

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