What Is An Abyssinian Guinea Pig?

What Is An Abyssinian Guinea PigThe Abyssinian guinea pig is the most popular breed of guinea pigs. This small, petite, and white-colored pig is an excellent choice for those new to raising guinea pigs. The Abyssinian has a long, sturdy coat that is easily maintainable and is known for its resistance to disease. In addition, the Abyssinian has an unusually high acceptance rate by breeders, which contributes to the surprisingly low prices of these animals. The majority of breeders will agree that the features of the Abyssinian are well worth the minimal cost of this breed.Cute Abyssinian Guinea Pig

As with all breeds of small guinea pigs, the Abyssinian is prone to developing mites in their fur. However, these mites are very mild and rarely result in any health problems. As with all breeds, there are some steps you can take to reduce the incidence and severity of these mites. If your vet determines that your pet is susceptible to developing mites, he may recommend that you screen for and treat for these mites using a topical medication or medicine containing pyrethrin, an ingredient that is known to be lethal to mites.This Is An Abyssinian Guinea Pig

As with all small pets, the care of your Abyssinian guinea pigs is dependent on you. You should always remember to clean up after yourself and make sure your pets are kept in a healthy environment. The care of these small pets is not difficult but does require a little bit of work. As long as you take good care of your Abyssinian pigs, they should live a long, healthy, and productive life. Remember, guinea pig diet plays a major part in their health.

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