What Are The Best Dog Training Commands?

What Are The Best Dog Training CommandsDog Training Commands are a method of teaching your dog how to behave around you. They will teach him that you are the leader of the pack and that he must follow these commands. A good command should be simple and easy to remember. They will also keep him from being confused and not knowing what you want him to do. Command words can be in the shape of hand signals or in the shape of spoken verbal commands. Dogs by nature respond to body and tone.The Best Dog Training Commands

If you use spoken verbal dog training commands, then your dog will only understand you if you use your voice. They will not understand hand signals or other types of signals unless you specifically say them. Dogs are excellent at following instructions, especially when told by their pack leader. If you use spoken hand signals, then you will only confuse your dog and he will most likely misbehave.Dog Training Commands

For a proper training, it is best to reward your dog when he performs the right commands. When he does something good, give him a treat and praise him profusely. However, do not give him treats every time he does something wrong because this is only making him desire to do more wrong. In addition, do not apply physical force when training your dog because you can scare him away from the correct method. It is best to use positive reinforcement such as praise and treats. Always keep your dog on a lead when teaching them dog walking tips.