How To Teach Your Dog Tricks

How To Teach Your Dog TricksTricks are probably among the most enjoyable things you could do with your pet dog. There are just so many great things about dog tricks: they stimulate your pet’s mind. They help you bond with your pet in ways you probably haven’t thought of before. They also increase your dog’s ability to learn new things, as well as helping him maintain a good mindset. Here are some ideas for how to teach your dog tricks, and why you should never punish your puppy or dog for trying something he hasn’t done in his past.Teach Your Dog Tricks

One of the easiest tricks to teach your dog is the high five. To do this, you’ll need the following items: Your dog’s regular hand, a treat, your dog’s regular hand, and a cue (preferably a good one, not a metal cue like a fork). Once you have all three of these items, simply stand in front of your canine friend and give him the treat, then give him the high five dog command. Next, tell him “high five”, and then quickly move his hands and feet into position to form a “catch me” pose. When he finishes, give him the treat and the verbal cue “kiss”.Dog Tricks

The easiest tricks are the ones you can teach your dog to perform without having to go through any difficult training sessions. One of my favorite tricks that doesn’t require a lot of work is the up-and-down “come” command. This is easy because it requires your canine companion to merely turn around on his heel and come towards you. For this trick, I recommend buying an inexpensive electronic collar that emits a high pitched sound when your pup approaches the edge of your path. You can also use a treat as a reward, but only if you’re able to see your dog make the connection between the sound of the collar and the feeling of reward coming. Some dogs may be hesitant at first to the idea of collaring themselves, but if you take your time and teach your dog tricks that are simple and rewards based, your pooch will enjoy learning new tricks and behaviors.

How To Leash Train A Dog

How To Leash Train A DogOne of the best ways to leash train a dog is through crate training. A well-run, properly behaved dog in a crate can be just the kind of pet that everyone loves. However, it can be difficult to crate train a dog because there are so many things that you must do and not do. This article will show you how to properly crate train your dog and what kinds of signs to look for when crate training your dog.Leash Train A Dog

To start off, always make sure that your dog has something of his own to occupy him while you’re on the leash training process. If he’s got nothing to do, then give him a treat and a pat in the head while you walk. As he becomes more comfortable with you and with the leash, then you can start to start using the treats as rewards for good behavior. If you can’t afford to buy a treat for him every time you walk, then just give him one of his favorite treats whenever you do go out.Train A Dog

There are many different types of leashes on the market today, including some that are very light, such as harnesses. Leash training using harnesses requires much more discipline and patience than using leashes. But, if you have a good, strong, trained dog that is good-natured, then a harness may be a fun and effective way to leash train him. Simple dog walking tips are the best thing, keep it simple. And, if you don’t mind being smothered by him every time you go out, then a harness isn’t really for you to start off with.

Simple Dog Walking Tips

Dog Walking TipsDog walking can be an enjoyable and stress reducing activity if done properly. Some dog walking tips have been listed to help you ensure you walk your dog in the most efficient way possible. You should always remember to stay relaxed and patient with your dog, the following tips will help you achieve this. The first tip is that your dog needs to enjoy the walk as much as you do.Simple Dog Walking Tips

Many times dogs bark or pull on the leash because they are overly anxious and not socialized. Always remember to remain consistent, patient and make sure you practice lots for better results. Another of the great dog walking tips is to use a harness instead of a collar. Learn how to leash a dog. Not only does this prevent unwanted pulling but also provides you with more control. Walking a dog with a collar can cause it to become nervous and sometimes over active which can cause problems for you as well as your dog. If you do choose to use a collar, it is important to use a harness in order to maintain your dog’s safety and balance.Easy Dog Walking Tips

The last tip is to start out slow and increase the distance you walk each day. Many people start out by walking a short distance each day and find out that their dogs love it, but also love spending time with you. Starting out small makes it easy to slowly increase the length of your walks. You want to take your time so you can build up your dogs comfort level. I also recommend that you take your dog for short walks in parks or even other areas of your neighborhood. By doing this you will begin to form a daily routine with your dog and this will reduce the frustration you may have if you have a long walk on a random day. Remember, keep dog training commands to single words.